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Gary McKinnon

Australia has not formally attributed the attack to Iran, but the Iran connection was first reported this month by The Wall Street Journal. Click here to read the report.

Using brute force attacks that guessed passwords, the hackers obtained thousands of records from both parliaments containing names, email addresses, birthdates and other information on lawmakers and their staff. Resecurity obtained some of the data stolen in the hacks and showed it to NBC News.

In the U. The same Iranian-backed group compromised a database belonging to the Liberal Democratic Party of London, Resecurity says. Earlier this month, federal prosecutors charged former U.

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They also charged four Iranians — Behzad Mesri, Mojtaba Masoumpour, Hossein Parva, and Mohamad Paryar — with allegedly using information she had provided to help them target her former colleagues and conduct other cyberespionage. Witt is believed to be in Iran. Paul Chichester, a senior official at Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency, said the operation showed state-backed hackers were working in a "very crowded space" and developing new attacks and methods to better cover their tracks. Officials in Russia and Iran did not immediately respond to requests for comment sent on Sunday.


US charges Chinese citizens for espionage in major hacking campaign targeting navy, NASA, others

Moscow and Tehran have both repeatedly denied Western allegations over hacking. Western officials rank Russia and Iran as two of the most dangerous threats in cyberspace, alongside China and North Korea, with both governments accused of conducting hacking operations against countries around the world.

Rather, the Russian hackers infiltrated the Iranian group's infrastructure in order to "masquerade as an adversary which victims would expect to target them," said GCHQ's Chichester. Turla's actions show the dangers of wrongly attributing cyberattacks, British officials said, but added that they were not aware of any public incidents that had been incorrectly blamed on Iran as a result of the Russian operation.

The Russian group was also able to access the networks of existing APT34 victims and even access the code needed to build its own "Iranian" hacking tools. Toggle navigation.

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