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Love and Ethnology.

Thematic guided tour with Joachim Helfer Love and Ethnology. How up-to-date is modernism — and with it, modern architecture? On their River Journey, researchers, artists and activists are investigating Anthropocene changes throughout the various river regions. The participants post their impressions and research data in the Field Notes. The journey leads them to a one-week River Campus in New Orleans. Copyright is in crisis. Technologies are transforming power relations, practices and access to music and media culture. Right the Right investigates the problems with and alternatives to music copyright.


Musikalische Haus- und Lebensregeln (Schumann, Robert) - IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download

How is racism manifested in fleeting encounters? She will talk with writer Senthuran Varatharajah about her writing and read from her books. Julius Lips aimed to refute colonial myths of white supremacy.

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What sonic affinities are there between music scenes in Luanda, Salvador da Bahia or Lisbon? In talks with Greg Tate and Fred Moten, in concerts and an exhibition, the artist and musician Satch Hoyt follows the traces of African diaspora sounds. Participatory art relies on processes and does not aim to create a material work — making it uncontrollable.

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  7. How is this loss of control expressed in artistic practices from Zurich to Cairo to Lubumbashi? Where does knowledge originate?

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    How can places of learning be designed to be more social? With Kanon-Fragen , since HKW has been developing research-based exhibitions that grapple critically with the canonization of modernity. In the fall of Love and Ethnology , Afro-Sonic Mapping and Spectral-White address anticolonial thinking from German history and how even it reproduces colonial formulas.

    Stay up-to-date on the HKW program with our weekly newsletter. Register here. How does language influence thought? Femke Snelting. Newsletter Receive the latest news about transmediale and its network in your inbox. Living in Contradictions.

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    Notes on Uneasy Alliances. Ewa Majewska. Issue 2. Uneasy Alliances.

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    They were going to be locked out of schools and jobs, have problems with the police and spend time in jail. And they didn't have any idea that they would be successful, that the [Berlin] Wall would fall within 10 years! It was fascinating to learn that their intense desire to bring down the government didn't mean they were valorizing the West.

    Yeah, they were not pro-Western at all. They were leftist critics of the government, and they were worried that people would see them more like skinheads, as right-wing critics. I wouldn't have expected there to be such a deep connection between the punk scene and the church. It wasn't the intention of the East German government to make churches places of dissent, but because these spaces were more or less shielded, that was one of the upshots.