Gatos para Dummies (Spanish Edition)

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I hope you learn well and fast. Stay loose my friend. Love ya. You kids are an inspiration! I am curious, is it at all hot there?

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Next we tackle Pt Conception. Actually, never above 80 yet, rainy at night but fine during the day. Pretty perfect for practicing skits!!! Your gifts as a writer make me feel like you are here in the room with me telling me stories. Miss you guys but glad you have found your happy place. Thank you for the ultimate compliment, Jenny!

I wish I was in the same rooom telling you stories! Pingback: Overtaxed in Taxco call it kismet. Pingback: Finding a Cruising Community call it kismet. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Mexicans, at last!! Marina Barra de Navidad.

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Jeff and Chance studying. Our home at Villas Sonrisas. The view from our terrace at Villa Sonrisa. Forget learning empty phrases and things that have no value.

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