Guardian of His Love [Wolves of West Texas 3] (Siren Publishing Menage and More)

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Contains the first five books of the City Shifters: the Pride series. Follow the five lion shifter Chase brothers on the hunt for true love as they discover five independent, feisty heroines, evil villains, mysterious pasts, underground fights, family, friends, and happily ever after times five! They have one thing in common: nowhere to live. A laugh out loud small-town rom-com! Falasco: Leaving the life she loved behind her, Deirdre moves to New York City ready for a new start.

Instant attraction brought them together, but will the past tear them apart? JoJo Castle and Buck Mathews have been friends forever. Reunited in Hearts Bend, TN for the holidays, their friendship turns romantic. And a special wedding dress shows them their own Christmas miracle. That is, until she meets Korin, a strange but beautiful alien being who makes her question everything she knows about the universe.

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Gripping — Suspenseful — Modern. But Calvin was disgraced when caught in the elf dorm in a compromising position. Confronted, Santa tearfully confesses. A joyous romp in the reindeer hay, and a fun holiday story.

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I woke up next to a stranger. He needs a fake wife for the holidays to get his family off his back. Maybe I can take this lemon and make lemonade…. But is he really as good as he seems? There are few things Leo Brady dislikes and being Duke is at the top of his list.

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Accused of kidnapping Emma, he is willing to do anything to protect her. And the only way to unmask the greatest treason London has ever seen is by staying apart forever. Brenna — a fiery Hunter whose dark secrets still haunt her in her sleep. When the two of them meet, heat intensifies… But fate always comes back to take what is given, and someone must pay the debt.

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As Nathan and Brenna are about to find out…. Fast read but filled with ups and downs and then holiday spirit. When she offers information that may help him find her, a new bargain is struck: he will play the part of her betrothed if she will help him find his sister. Falling in love… that was never part of the plan. Be prepared to be seduced and charmed by this amazing set. A divorced single mother struggling to rebuild after a difficult divorce. And a love that could see them through even the worst of times. Ebooks and Manuals

The First Sunset is a bittersweet story of love, loss, and friendship. Your wish is granted! But when a soldier from the past comes to life, will she capture his heart? Time-travel romance, sizzling chemistry, and a complex courtship abound in this heartwarming tale. Kindle Loving Dr. Serena Martin used to be a romantic, singing in a college band beside her sexy guitarist boyfriend. Her feet are solidly planted now in a new relationship based on mutual goals. Price: Why do we cheat? What are the countless ways in which we cheat others, even those we love?

Beth is a woman who unbeknownst to her family and friends has given up a free ride to Yale, rejecting her peers and instead marrying Mark, an unpretentious computer technician. Beth wanted salt-of-the-earth. She feared ending up erudite and alone, like Emily Dickinson. Until a face he never expected to see again appears in his life. Between them stands his sister determined to keep them apart for her own purposes. Passion, intrigue, and heartbreak will unfold as they try to break free from the fetters of society.

One man offers salvation in big, mean, secret-keeping Prime form.

Sanger, the right hand of the Boss himself, gives nothing away for free. Her mind may say no, but her body says yes. Brooks: A mysterious stranger saved me at a Hollywood Halloween Party. It was the wildest night of my life.

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And it gifted me the most precious person in the world: My little daughter Arianna. Now I have a job interview with a gorgeous billionaire in LA. Turns out he is my savior from 9 months ago….

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Turns out, being a Little is even harder, as eight feisty young women who visit the infamous lifestyle resort are about to find out. Labrooy: Willow Blue sees the guardians who walk with every human being on earth. Desperate to discover the purpose of her mystifying vision, Willow leaves her loveless home and is drawn to the sunny coastal town of Blue Angel Bay. But unexpectedly she meets Tyler Sharp. He is effortlessly perfect, but something is wrong… he is missing a guardian.

These beautiful romances have been hand-selected to give you weeks of enjoyment. Each story will have you gripping your Kindle in excitement wanting to reach the romantic ending.

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Grab this bargain and get into the Christmas spirit. Salinger: Two men haunted by their pasts. One explosive night that will change their lives forever. A series that will rock your world. Become the fake boyfriend to an American princess. He pays me.


But who is Misha Smith, and is my sugar daddy hiding a dangerous secret? This book will not disappoint. Once there, he quickly discovered the cause but never had he expected it to come from an unlikely source: a woman, who then broke his protective walls in more ways than one…. In order to woo a respectable lady, he must learn how to flirt. The completely inappropriate girl next door would make a perfect instructor, but a terrible duchess. Waters: I constantly daydream about my human best friend. Thea is the one for me. We have dangers surrounding us.

Can we face an obstacle that will be the ultimate test of our love? Louis Beekman and Cory Lavalle must look back through time as they solve a puzzle from long ago, bring peace to restless spirits, and face the unexpected and inexplicable — all while falling in love….