Heart of a Shepherd

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Heart Of A Shepherd

The heart of a shepherd beats for the sheep. He is willing to sacrifice greatly for them see John There is no job description that can adequately cover the task. It is a colossal misjudgment for a man to become an elder based on whether on not he can fulfill a detailed list of responsibilities. Being an elder is something inner-driven. Unlike secular leadership, this is not a matter of personal character, charisma or strength.

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The only biblical inner-driven entity is the Holy Spirit. I am increasingly aware that any leadership that is not energized by the heart of God working through the Holy Spirit, is not true spiritual leadership.

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd

To be sure many churches are led by pastors, elders or deacons who are great leaders utilizing very effective means for organizing and administering the church affairs. However, I remember from my early days of new life in Christ an older brother and teacher of the Word emphasizing ad infinitum and at the time I naively thought, ad nauseum that the church is not an organization, but an organism. He opens our eyes in unexpected, ordinary and yet profound ways.

A rancher, a caretaker, with enough strength to heave bails and build fence, yet soft enough to care for lambs and tend the newborn calves.

Developing the Heart of a Shepherd

Tough and tender, fierce, loyal, patient and warm of heart. For the animals, for his work, for God who gave him the task of caretaker. Not annoyed, but exuberant. But ultimately it comes down to being passionate about what you do.

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  • Curious, I did as instructed. In my mind I thought about how time consuming it would be to care for one lame cow. My time in corporate America screams about the inefficiency, the cost, the inconvenience. He takes his time, leaving the 99 for the one, and is eager to do so. Back at the barn, a mother and her newborn calf reside in a stall.

    Again I wonder about the time this must be taking from the rest of his already full plate. Finally, I pose a question. And by God. The profound generosity of our Savior, displayed powerfully in that moment, has not been lost on me. As we drive through the herd, Pierre looks at each calf and tells me its unique story. This one barely made it last year, but has nicely recovered.


    Heart Of A Shepherd | Christian Worship Hour

    Like our Lord, they are not to him just numbers on a ledger, mere dollar bills on foot. He knows them each by name. He cares for them individually, with devotion and affection.

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    His days and nights are marked by breeding cycles and daylight, and care is given as care is needed, however long that takes. Daily, heartily, he feeds them. They know where their life comes from, and so does he.

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    Grateful, convicted, I wish every pastor could be schooled in the artful, magnificent work of animal husbandry. A place where so many duel to out-rank one another in academic accomplishments and obscure degrees. While theology is immensely important, we live in a sad time when theological accuracy passes for spiritual maturity and efficiency outranks genuine care. The problem, in this case, is not theological but is a sickness of the heart.

    They love theology and despise the people, messy as their lives are.

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