Is the American Dream for Anybody?

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Samuel J. Abrams is professor of politics at Sarah Lawrence College and a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Try school administrators. Abrams Visiting Scholar. Tags: American dream , freedom , Survey on Community and Society , wealth.

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Related Article. The New York Times. Then, I talk about American. Finally, I state my personal opinion about America and how I feel about being an American. People constantly want to tell others about how great America is by just reading in a book.

Why Most People Will Never Achieve The American Dream

America faces problems that are unforgiving and we must be aware of these problems. How we have to deal with the court system and enforcement with the police. How different cultures come to America to live a better life and have to deal with the world not accepting them and their religion. A Legacy of Honor My family has a history of serving in the military and it has engraved in me a high sense of patriotism. Each stanza in the poem is directed to a specific audience, friends and family, government, and fellow soldiers; also each photo relates in someway to each stanza.

The Idiocy of Defunding Planned Parenthood My prompt is based off of the idea of defunding planned parenthood and making abortions illegal. It goes on to talk about how it'll affect many young individuals in a negative way and why it shouldn't be defunded in the first place. Mental Creed How my family and community history has affected my journey for a healthy mindset and personal growth.

American Exceptionalism

It shows the many aspects to American creed, such as why people chase their American, the fact that everyone chases one, and the three major aspects to American Creed. Is there really a true "american"? I wrote this essay with the intended goal of explaining the idea that even though America is "ideal" there is an unspoken animosity against specific communities. Prejudice and ignorance need to be addressed and conquered. If not then history will repeat itself.

How I address what my identity is and what my concerns are, as well as how they are connected to my American Creed. American Values This is a piece by a high school student on the core American Values and what his views are on the subject. And it shows how the values affect people, and what experiences have led to the values. Through my essay, I explain the problems caused by the parts of the American Dream that have been lost and how those parts affects the American people today.

American Opportunity An evaluation of the American stereotype. American Teamwork Our piece talks about teamwork in America, unity, and how it should be more valued in our country.

More letters from Oak Park High School - Oakland Writing Project

Dear Grandchild I created a scrapbook which is composed of pictures and letters. I wrote these letters to myself as if I were my grandmother just after moving to the United States. The Value of Family Does the amount of value you place on your family alter with the knowledge of ancestral background? For me, the two are unrelated, but I interviewed my family as well and realized it's not where you came from, it's where you're going; experiences are more meaningful than history. American Creed An essay about immigration and being American.

My American Creed This is a video about my own American Creed and how it has been influenced by my family and their experiences when immigrating to America. Some people take school for granted, but there are groups of people who actually want to do good in school. They are the ones who help out this country.

Is the American Dream Achievable for everyone? - American Creed

American Creed: Cultural tradition and immigration Do you have many different cultural traditions that your family may have brought over to America that are very important to you? Join me in learning how cultural tradition and immigration plays a role in elements of diverse Americans' identity.

POINT TAKEN - One Word or Less: Is the American Dream Dead or Alive? - PBS

Immigration Stories These immigration stories are supposed to see the point of view of immigrants. It's supposed to help you understand their struggles. Throughout this video I have interviewed three family members on my dad's side. Last year the American Enterprise Institute and I joined forces with the research center NORC at the University of Chicago and surveyed a nationally representative sample of 2, Americans about their attitudes toward community and society. Our findings were released on Tuesday as an American Enterprise Institute report.

What our survey found about the American dream came as a surprise to me. When Americans were asked what makes the American dream a reality, they did not select as essential factors becoming wealthy, owning a home or having a successful career.

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The data also show that most Americans believe themselves to be achieving this version of the American dream, with 41 percent reporting that their families are already living the American dream and another 41 percent reporting that they are well on the way to doing so. Only 18 percent took the position that the American dream was out of reach for them. Collectively, 82 percent of Americans said they were optimistic about their future, and there was a fairly uniform positive outlook across the nation.

Students, read the entire article, then tell us:. Did reading this article change your definition? Do you think your own dreams are different from those of your parents at your age?

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Your grandparents? Why or why not?

Do you think you will be able to achieve the American dream when you are older?