Keusche Gier: Erotischer Roman (German Edition)

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Das Fleisch ist weich und schmerzt nicht. Kein Mensch hat so viel Blut. Tag und Nacht. Du siehst die Fliegen.

Fleisch ebnet sich zu Land. Glut gibt sich fort. Saft schickt sich an zu rinnen. Erde ruft. Bed after bed stinks.

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The nurses change hourly. Come: lift up this blanket gently. Look at this lump of fat and stinking fluid. That was for some man once something wonderful and also meant passion and his home. Come: look at this scar on this breast. Can you feel the rosary of soft nodules? Just have a feel. The flesh is soft and feels no pain. This one here bleeds as if from thirty bodies. No one has so much blood.

And here, a baby has just been cut from a cancerous womb. We leave them to sleep. Day and night. Their backs are infected. You can see the flies. Sometimes the sisters wash them.

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Like one washes benches. Flesh is getting ready for the ground. The glow of life recedes. Sap prepares for its final flow. The earth is calling. Das Cello trinkt rasch mal. Die Trommel liest den Kriminalroman zu Ende. Junger Kropf ist Sattelnase gut. Bartflechte kauft Nelken, Doppelkinn zu erweichen. H Moll: Die He, Gigi! Kanaanitisch braun. Ebooks and Manuals

Ein Duft kommt mit. Kaum Duft.

Eine Fettleibigkeit trippelt hinterher. The flute belches throughout three beats: his tasty supper. The drum reads his crime thriller to the end. Green teeth, pimples on his face, waves to infected eye. Greasy hair talks to open mouth with swollen tonsils: Faith Hope Charity around his neck. Young goitre has the hots for saddle nose: he shouts her three beers. B minor: sonata opus Hey, Gigi!

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Scorched desert. Canaanite brown. Open to the full. A fragrance comes with her. Hardly a fragrance. More a sweet protuberance of air, against my brain. A paunched obesity slouches behind her. Es wird nirgends so viel geschrien. Es wird nirgends Schmerzen und Leid so ganz und garnicht wie hier beachtet, weil hier eben immer was schreit.

Verstehen Sie, ja? Sie sind nicht da, um auszuruhn. Es kommt nicht selbst. Urin und Stuhlgang salben es ein.

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Nur aus zwei Augen bricht ein Chor von Jubilaten zum Himmel empor. Maternity Ward The poorest women of Berlin — thirteen children in one and a half rooms, whores, criminals, the outcast — writhe here in their bodies and whimper. Nowhere else is there so much wailing. Nowhere else is so much pain and sorrow so completely ignored by all, because here something is always screaming.

Do you understand? You are not here to have fun. Even if shit also comes out when you push! You are not here to have a rest. You must do your bit! Urine and excrement anoint it.

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From eleven beds of tears and blood a whimpering salutes its arrival. From two eyes only arises a chorus of cries of Jubilate to the Heavens above. Through this meagre piece of flesh everything will go: misery and happiness. And should it some day die spluttering and in torment, twelve others will still be lying in this ward. The poems that he wrote between and experiment with a variety of styles.

Das ich jetzt dich frage: Liebst du mich? Frau: Ja, ich will an Dir vergehn. Ja, du warst es gar nicht, An dessen Fleisch ich fasste. Es ist anders. Frau: Dann will ich vor die tanzen. So hebe ich die Schenkel aus dem Sand Und so die Brust. Was hat das denn mit dir und mir zu tun? Was liegst du nun im Sand, du weisses Fleisch, Was rinnst du nicht und sickerst in das Meer? Halt deine Falten still! Man Beach by the sea Now, however, this has all been put in place.