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Can you share more about your story? What are the specific things you are doing to help resolve this situation? You may be right. But who will reigni in the universities that inflat costs greater than inflation? My school added a freaking trading room touch each people how to become traders. It was paid by a financial industry is guy who made a boatload of money as a trader.

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Is that what a college education is about? They get no money for me for donations I can tell you that much. Presumably once in professional school you were already a college graduate, presumably capable of earning even more by working.

And if that were somehow not possible why did you continue? Why do I have to pay for your professional school? The Australian approach of income contingent loans is a good idea in this context I think. You only pay back the loan if you earn more than a threshold income. Sam, saying hello from the Philippines. We started our financial journey last year.

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Since going to college is a choice, I believe people who choose to go to college do have a responsibility to repay their student loan debt. After all, the amount of student loan one incures is directly proportional to the income they will make anyways. I felt it was important to pay off my student loans first before I changed my lifestyle.

Child Millionaires: Not Necessary Thanks To Canceling All Student Debt

Not always true. An art degree BFA at my uni top state school is k for 4 years for out of state students and 85k for in state. Perhaps that means there should be fewer such artists. Who will dig the graves?

The 75% dilemma

Who will clean the sewers? Who will work at the meat factory? I actually left Europe to come and study in a graduate school in America. Because while college in Europe is generally free well, you still pay a small part room and board is generally not. In contrast, dog eat dog capitalist America offered me a job while I was studying. The proceeds of that job were enough to pay for tuition room and board. This is actually typical in American graduate schools and very very rare in Europe. My parents in Europe did not have to fork out a penny.

This would have been virtually impossible had I stayed in Europe. In America the typical student may graduate with loans, which if they chose their degree based on some real demand and value, and if then once they graduate have a reasonable financial plan, they can repay the debt in a few years once they start working.

In many ways this European paring of wages often happens way upstream, before you even see it in any financial statement or paycheck. Which brings me to a related point…. Folks, salaries in Europe are a lot lower than in the US to start out with. That is why achieving financial independence in Europe is hard, really extraordinary, unless you are born into old money in the first place. I know the grass is always greener in the other side, but simply visiting as a tourist does not really allow you to examine the grass.

It is easy to go to Barcellona for a few weeks, on your American salary, sit at a tapas bar and say what a wonderful life. That life is different behind the scenes, once you have to work and bootstrap yourself in that environment. All these policies flatten the effort-reward curve, as the more exceptional more competent and more diligent have their work incentives reduced taxed or regulated to support a lower productivity life for the mediocre. Again, the slow growth rate of that continent across the Atlantic encapsulates its arithmetically inevitable deterministic decline.

You mean Europeans prefer to keep working rather than FIRE because their working lives are so wonderful? To the typical European I was born there, grew up and worked in Italy France and Belgium for a few years and most of my relatives are still there work is much more of a drudge compared to corporate America.

By contrast corporate America offers a much more enthusiastic work environment, with a much more rewarding effort-reward curve, and much higher salaries which higher salaries are a result of that steeper effort-reward curve and the higher international competitiveness it inevitably fosters. The fact that so many Americans are idolizing Europe without ever having actually lived and worked there is quite worrisome. Decline drags everything down with it. Including self-righteous higher morals. History is full of once patronizing self righteous higher morals that end up in misery, marginalization, decline and extinction.

The arithmetic is simple. Same as France. Do you really want your children on a French trajectory? That seems to be the banana peel Americans are about to step on.

6 Sneaky Ways to Get In-State Tuition for Your Out-of-State Kid

And mind you, that French trajectory is not a happy path until world average catches up to them in 35 years. They are already feeling the malaise of decline. Regarding student loan forgiveness — it seems the problem is massively complex, but it appears states are starting to trend in a good direction with free community college dependent on certain conditions being met. I wonder what future tuition will be covered — medical school, law school, etc.?

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Is that fair? Who is to blame and will you and I be forced to cover?

$12 Mouse Vs. $160 Mouse: We Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Gaming Mice in Fortnite

How far will the chain reaction of forgiving student loans reach? US colleges are becoming Veblen goods for global students and just like Rolex and LV bags, they command exorbitant prices. If forgiving student loans sounds bad, maybe we should revisit why colleges are so expensive. With colleges spending millions of dollars on Athletics, hiring over qualified professors for general education course, and building new and over priced housing, it might make sense to determine the root cause to the sky rocketing cost instead of pumping more money into the system.

It frustrates me that tuition has skyrocketed since I attended school even though one would think that vastly expanded technologies and the increase in online educational would help lower costs. We could stop paying football coaches seven figures while atheletes get zero for a start.

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Might rein in tuition a bit? I know leftists that may hate this reality; but college athleitics is classic supply and demand economics.

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  • Sorry to tell you this but alums like when their alma mater performs well on the athletic stage and are more than willing to pay for that privilege. Good coaches are rare so they can get rewarded well. You and I better offer the same scenario in our jobs or we should be fired or paid less. While I tend to agree with the incentivizing poor behavior comments I think there is a much bigger concern in the room.

    That is why is education costs spiraling out of control. The price of education becomes elastic because of those loans and all the schools turn into club med to compete. So much fat that could be cut at the college level that has nothing to do with education. I am pretty left, but I agree that these loans should not be payed off. I do think the interest on them should be lowered to around inflation, or potentially zero. Maybe this is on average true for those pursuing business, finance, or even STEM degrees, however I know many people who had no idea how difficult it would be to find a decent paying job and to ultimately pay off their loans.

    The ugly truth about Caribbean medical schools | Pamela Wible MD

    And these are smart people, just not financially minded folks. It is not the government profiting from education. It is taxpayers giving you a loan at market rates. A mind you risky loan at inflation rate is essentially a partial giveaway. That is why there is no such thing in the free market. If debt is forgiven then the debt holders will lose out. Who will provide future loans at a reasonable rate? If I were lending money to students and I knew going into it there was a chance they would not pay me back I would Price that risk in at a much higher rate or not provide loans at all.

    The idea is beyond crazy. That connection between creditor and debtor really has not been there since securitization of this crap took off. Much of this 1. This 1. Add in the subprime auto and housing bubble 2. Unfortunately, I did take on a good bit of federally-guaranteed loans to attend law school because that seemed like the right choice at a time when the job market was imploding.