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And so the book goes, with each chapter going back and forth from one character to the next I had a hard time putting it down - I'm sure they will too. While this is mentioned throughout the book to move the story, it is by no means preachy or propaganda in nature, with the exception of this one pondering: "[The Egyptian] kings had more than divine right. They were gods themselves, and nobody questioned it. She wondered if they really had been gods. But then, why not? Certainly if God wanted to work through other gods or even a man to get His message across, if He wanted to make a king a god in the eyes of his people, then surely He was powerful enough to do it.

Wasn't their school chaplain always saying how God works in mysterious ways? Maybe this was one of them. A girl decides not to ask her father for help but to solve the problem on her own.

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To become all that you can be in Jesus you need an environment where you can thrive.

I read this book very young and it is that book that I read that got me into reading. The friendship between Lorna and Ameni is such a meaningful friendship and the lessons I took from it were always endearing. As a kid, I had a love for Egyptology which this book only exacerbated. I was able to learn a lot while developing my first real crush for a character. I can't give a full, objective review because I read this many years ago and my view is a little tainted by nostalgia.

The wri I read this book very young and it is that book that I read that got me into reading. The writing is very simple to read and it's a good "feel good" book about friendship that I think every child and teen should experience at least once. Apr 07, Beth added it Shelves: ya , fantasy , mg. I love this book. When an Egyptian prince is awoken by a modern teen, they must find a sacred object to save what the prince holds dear.

If you like Egypt, if you like just a dash of romance, if you like a book that makes you happy and sad at the same time, this is for you.

A great read! Shelves: young-adult-fiction , fiction. I rate this book a 3. I like the deep, well thought out philosophical meaning of what the story was really about at the end of the book. The last half of this story was my favorite: when the two main characters meet and go on a memorable adventure and it comes to a head at the end of the story. This is not a romance novel. It's about a boy Egyptian Pharaoh god whose name is Ameni , who basically gives up his life to protect eternity for his people by being in a tomb even though he didn't die I rate this book a 3.

It's about a boy Egyptian Pharaoh god whose name is Ameni , who basically gives up his life to protect eternity for his people by being in a tomb even though he didn't die, but was kind of frozen to protect immortality , and about an odd modern girl who loves Egyptian archaeology and how the two meet.

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My favorite passage in the book at the end : when the gods are talking to Ameni regarding his fulfillment of the god's wishes I felt this was very philosophical in its depth of the meaning of religious life for everyone : "And you have found it. Gods are one. Even as human needs give gods different forms, so it is the lives of people, not their rituals, that win their immortality. But also some awareness of that truth is needed. For unchanging centuries that was lacking. Only you, the last king and god of your people, only you could attain that for them.

Only you could lay hold of the truth. And you have done so. For all your people now, eternity is secure. I liked how Ameni could feel a spiritual connection with other gods from other religions I'm more willing to accept that than separation of religion and the cut throat judgment that entails those differences. This is a Young Adult Fantasy book, but I feel adults could learn a thing or two from it. A co-worker recommended it to me. I probably would never of picked this book up otherwise, but I'm often surprised at the books I would not normally pick up and what those novels can teach me.

I would definitely read this once, but it's not something I would re-read.

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Nov 06, Dorothea rated it liked it. Fun if you don't think about it too hard. But you can think about it harder than any Indiana Jones movie, which is a good thing in my book. I hate Indiana Jones movies. Indiana Jones movies don't work if you think about a what archaeology is really for, b the rights of the indigenous people of [movie setting], c the plot, and d who is going to pick up the mess afterwards. The Reluctant God actually asks the reader to think about a , and maybe a little tiny bit about b too.

It's still not a good idea to think too much about c , but I did anyway and got through the book just fine. It really helps, in this respect, that Service's method of plotting seems to have been More Excitement! So, just as I was thinking, "Couldn't they have fixed this problem with a few phone calls, and maybe revising the collections paperwork, instead of going after [thing] in person? I could have done with a bit more thoughtfulness about d , but that's almost certainly asking too much.

Jan 09, Cate rated it really liked it Shelves: grade-school , young-adult. Oct 03, Michelle rated it it was amazing.

The Reluctant God : Tess And Dillon

Read this 1st when I was in grade school and I still love and consider it one of my favorite books of all-time. It may be an easy kid read but it says a lot about a book if 15 years later you still own and and still love it! Dec 03, Teal rated it really liked it. I loved this book when I was in middle school. I read it several times in the library but ,sadly, I haven't been able to find it since. Jan 07, ilga rated it it was amazing.

Jul 02, Faye rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Jan 28, Aelvana rated it liked it. Lorna Padgett is the daughter of an archaeologist, and more at home in Egypt digging up sites with her father than at her boarding school in England. But when a chance find uncovers an untouched tomb, her knowledge of the ancient world is needed in an entirely different way.

Ameni was the second son of the pharaoh. Constricted by a life of duty, he longs for adventure. But his life has a destiny he never imagined, and soon he will get an adventure he never wanted.

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It's Lorna Padgett is the daughter of an archaeologist, and more at home in Egypt digging up sites with her father than at her boarding school in England. It's been decades since I last read this, but I still remembered enough of the plot for it to feel like a reread than a new read.

The two individual stories alternate long enough to build up both Lorna and Ameni before the single event that changes each life. After that it turns into a race to recover the missing urn.


I liked the hints of mysticism around Ameni. Accidentally Aphrodite. Red and the Wolf. Vivienne Savage. The Witches of Cleopatra Hill, Books Christine Pope. The Sigma Menace Collection.