The Believers Edge: The Secret to a Healthier, Happier, More Significant Life

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An example of a technique is to set up a log to keep track of the relationship between your thoughts and when you feel anxious. This technique really helped me see when I am responding in a habitual way that might be unhelpful, and similarly to spot positive responses that build my resilience. Each chapter is easy to read and understand with a few illustrated animations. The book gives practical advice in bite-size chunks and can be used in different ways.

For example, you can stick with one chapter a day or read a few chapters at a time. It is a great book to just dip in and out of as and when you need it. I believe it would be accessible to most people due to its simple, approachable format.

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There is a web page mentioned for workshop and lecture information and reviews of her other titles. Dweck examines how our conscious and unconscious thoughts affect us, and how something as simple as wording can have a powerful impact on our ability to improve. We know that there are many obstacles in the way of change, including past trauma, ingrained habits and an environment that often reinforces the status quo and is therefore hostile to change.

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That is the real challenge. They exhibit similar symptoms but have completely different personalities and coping styles. One loves company and being assisted, while the other has resisted any help. I was interested in reading this book as I can see my set way of thinking — minimising the situation — can lead to confusion with my mother and frustration with other relatives involved in her care. Every member of both these families has responded and grieved in their own unique way. I remember being told by a stranger when communicating with someone who experiences dementia. It reminds us the person we used to know is still very much inside, and we need to find a way to keep connected and honour them.

Caughey notes many of us might be reluctant carers who are emotionally unprepared for the role. In some cases, we might be the only available option to provide care. Whatever the scenario, she suggests it helps to role play and take on a persona of a nurse, to come from a professional, caring and compassionate space. Caughey, who looked after her husband through dementia, realistically portrays the difficulties but is also encouraging and optimistic that in this difficult period, moments of real connection can be achieved. This book is packed full of helpful, practical suggestions for finding alternative ways to communicate.

It focuses on body language including posture and facial expression , use of language keeping it simple, reflective listening and how to express yourself , dealing with difficult situations a good dose of problem solving and tools to encourage engagement such as developing a life book. Caughey notes people with dementia find great comfort from environments or routines that are familiar.

She advocates that carers will find journaling an invaluable tool to help develop a full picture of what helps and hinders. I recommend this book to anyone supporting someone living with dementia and see it as a key read early on to help improve interpersonal relationships and the quality of life for everyone. With a large social media following she has a lot of influence. She wants people to love themselves for who they are. The other half is filled with life-advice and her own brand of inspiration. She keeps a lot of detail to herself including only a brief mention of traumatic abuse she went through as a young girl that gives you a small window of insight into her down times.

I would love to know more about her. You get the impression Makaia and her story belong to Makaia. Makaia looks after Makaia and the message of the whole book is that self-love and healthy boundaries are what she is trying to teach us. Another theme is all the tools she utilises to try to overcome her depression. She cuts down on alcohol.

I like that she outlines the Five Ways to Wellbeing as a tool for wellness. She also includes good helpline information from the Mental Health Foundation for any readers who may need extra help. I like that the book is colourful with quotes highlighted out of the text. The photography is awesome. If you want something light, positive and inspirational this book will make a great travelling companion. The Resilient Farmer is an inspiring read about South Island farmer Doug Avery facing up to the mental and emotional challenges of farming life when there was so much outside his control.

The book is deeply personal and disarmingly honest. Doug redefines the farmer stereotype by sharing in a no holds barred way what was really going on for him during some extremely tough years. No matter what I did, I was unsuccessful. However, this is not a gloomy read. We do hear a lot about how Doug learnt to farm differently, to farm with nature, rather than against.

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The enduring insight I took from The Resilient Farmer is that resilience is not an individual concept, but a connected one. It does take courage to face up to your own limitations, but Doug shows that when you do this, your strength comes from the network of people that you decide to welcome into your life. This is a rare text in which a typically minority identity is presented in an organic, natural and positive light. Unlike the usual expectation of an LGBT storyline, where the characters face fear of coming out and navigating a world that does not accept them, Promised Land presents the opposite.

They both long to be free, not because where they live is unaccepting but because their spirit for adventure surpasses the idleness of their kingdom. Leo and Jack meet by chance on their adventure through the forest and immediately fall in love. What is interesting about this story is that there is not an obstacle to overcome, as the kingdom offers acceptance. The illustrations depict Leo and Jack, hand in hand, happy and full of life.

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Their sexuality does not appear as a barrier in their lives, which is a sobering and refreshing possibility to witness, images that the LGBT community need in their lives. This text also contains another surprising aspect, which compliments the presence of diversity in Promised Land. The Prince Leo and his mother, the Queen of the Kingdom, are also characters of colour.

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  • In their world, identity is an emblem of unique power. Like sexuality, racial and ethnic elements are not setbacks but something to celebrate simultaneously. Diversity characterises Promised Land.

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    In this world, no one is short of it. Reading this text reminds us that control comes in many forms and if we were to situate these forms in real world events they would appear in the shape of bullying and discrimination.

    Jack and Leo find their harmonious world turned upside down by the evil Gideon casts over the kingdom. Though instead of remaining idle they respond with a force that shows they will not tolerate this control, and they do so with the help and support of their fellow peers, such as their mothers, guards and other inhabitants. The key message of this text is that group effort prevails and goals can be reached. As a bookseller I find Promised Land to be a unique and interesting spin of expectations.

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    These signature descriptions immediately pique our interest. But at the same time, why should these kinds of texts be so hard to come by? There have been a few instances where customers have asked for such books and unfortunately there is little available in the way of illustrated literature targeted at a younger audience. This needs to change.