The descent of the sun : a cycle of birth & The Ramayan of Valmiki

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Brothers Goddess Parvati created Lord Ganesha to guard her when her husband Lord Shiva came back he was stopped by this young Ganesha than out of anger Shiva killed him.. A real god knows everything but he couldnt recognise his son.. God cannot be so cruel to kill his own son..

God having characterless like God Moon Chandra deva who got the dark spots that dosnt seems nice.. A god being Characterless.. During the war of Mahabharat When lord Krishna clearly said he will not participate in the war he will ride the chariot and guide arjun but he hide the Sun during the war to kill jayadrath.. Goddess Sita has to verify herself that she was still pure by giving Agnipariksha , one God not trusting other God..

Is it possible???? Vedas says do not do ideal worship , images but people are not following the truth.. Hibah : Brothers Islam is a religion of peace and harmony and its is for entire humanity.. I have read the ramayana as mention all the PARA above.

After going through Valmiki;s Ramayana verses quoted by you I understand that meat eating prevailed in all sects during that period. Later on Brahmins abandoned meat eating may be because of their intention to follow Ahimsa, Also may be they decided on medical reasons.

Valmiki Ramayan: Balkand

Eating meat is definitely not a sin; If that is the case the entire world population are sinners. As per the conversation all religions giving us the right path.

If hindu s complaint about muslims or muslims complaint about hindus will not take us to next level in globally. British country rulled us because of plenty of religions in india so they can easily split us from our neighbors.. But one thing the hindu can eat if anything offered from Muslim or chiristians during Ramzan or Chirtsmas. But muslims or Chiristiens never eat if we offer food from home during Divali or Pongal.

This in not that mean hindus are addict for Briyani of Cake. None of the Reigion said dont eat from other religion home. Kamba ramayana is the altered version of original valmiki ramayana. Seeta did not offer any liquor and meat to ganga. Kamba intentionally written these because, tamil people follow those meat and liquor offering rituals. So to cope with current rituals kamba modified ramayana according to tamil culture. This is happened everywhere. All the versions of ramayana are written in different regions and different era, so everybody modified the original one.

Spotlights on the Ramayana

Sometimes the idea comes up that the Ramayana indicates that Lord Rama ate meat, especially while He was in exile in the woods. However, there is no verse in Valmiki Ramayana that establishes that Lord Rama, Lakshmana or Sita ate meat while in or even out of exile. In fact, it seems to show that He very much disliked the notion of eating meat. The evidence for this is as follows: The verse that comes in question in this regard in the Valmiki Ramayana, Sundarakanda, Skanda 36, Sloka 41, says:. Na mamsam Raghava bhunkte, na chaiva madhu sevate, Vanyam suvihitam nityam bhaktamsnati panchamam.

The literal translation of this verse is: Sri Rama does not take meat or honey. He partakes everyday of wild fruits and boiled wild rice fully sanctioned for an ascetic in the evening. Faulty English translations have put it as something like this: Hanuman to Sita, When you were away, Sri Rama did not even take deer meat. This incorrectly implies that Rama normally may have ate meat but did not do so while Sita was away from Him. Now in this verse, the Sanskrit word bhunkte is a verb that means strong desire for eating.

It comes from the Sanskrit bhaksha, which means voracious eating. However, this is not what is said, but is where some English translations present a similar confusion, or are simply unclear about this issue.

Talks on ‘Balkand – Valmiki Ramayana’ – Part 2 – October 2018

Nonetheless, by analyzing the correct view of the proper translation, it indicates clearly that the Valmiki Ramayana shows how Lord Rama not only did not eat meat, but greatly disliked it. Grow up — Ramayan was Voilated by Max Mueller. A Sanskrit Pandit was forced to write all the nonsense. Secondly — Sita was abducted by Ravana from their Kutia in Nasik — they lived by Godhavari River —— the laugh is she told Ravana wait dearest take me to Ganga and let me pray, on my safe return I will offer Meat and Alchohol.

Thanks Pravin Jagtap ji — I very much appreciate your post. Please keep posting right translations on other such sites as well. God Bless you. Unlike Shri Krishna Rama as Vishnu gave himself only 13 Kalas — meaning he was knower of time and happenings only of 13 pehars. And the very reason Vishnu had to take birth on this earth was because of a Curse from Bhrighu Rishi.

Bhrighu Rishi was out and his wife was alone in the kutia. Vishnu is a protector of humankind. So Vishnu asked to see them and kill them as they were troubling mankind. His wife refused as she said she had given them refuge and she will not let off her promise. Vishnu said he would have to kill her then in order to kill them and she agreed to be killed rather than going off from her promise given to asuras to hide them. When Bhrighu Rishi comes sees his wife dead, curses Lord Vishnu tha he be born on earth and be separated from his wife and suffer in separation.

Lord Vishnu agreed smilingly. He took this birth of Rama of suffering to end suffering of people and being cursed himself to suffer. Such is the magnamity of God. He killed Bali because he knew he will be coming back on earth as Krishna and that life also he need be killed or die in the end.

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Those are 5 elements of which whole Universe is made — Space, water, fire Air and earth. Also, he was avatar of 11th Rudra himself. But I am not revealing to you that story now. Hopefully my book should be out soon — These stories seem unbelieveable to the public — some are true some are wrongly depicted. But many are true as well.

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.


Valmiki Ramayan: Balkand Indeed so. Proving the historicity of Ram As for as Ramayana is concerned, the Valmiki Ramayana is widely accepted as the bonafide description of Rama lila.

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  5. Kusha Ramayana. Navigation menu. Related Collections 20 True Meaning: This female maanuShiim , of a varied form, ie, a form that is more beautiful and extraordinary in comparison with others viruupaam , who is other than a female, ie, she is not comparable to other women as she exceeds them all asatiim , who is formidable to the Lord as her beauty conquers him karaalaam , whose stomach is prominent as it protects all the jIvAs during pralaya nirNata udariim — shall I eat her up along with your brother?

    That Indians and their literature considered Yavanas as their degraded Khastriyas and thus excommunicated people group is not at all denied.

    Kusha (Ramayana)

    Therefore, Indians never considered them alien, in fact, the learned ones were treated with respect Yavanacharya. Even in the dramaturgy, chronologically, the Indian drama is traced back to Vedic period literary evidence — c. The philosophy behind the first drama of Persoe Aechylus is traced back to Indian origin based on Zeus and Promethecus discussion Many figures in the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Kassite, Hittite, Assyrian, Achaemenian, Seleuid or Parthian, Sassanian and other seals make any researcher think about India only, as in no other country such figures are used even today as being used in India Particularly, the two or three figures with bow and arrows standing together remind Rama and Lakshmana or with Sita together as depicted in India In fact, the occurrences of Indian seals IVC in the Middle East and the commercial contact between these civilizations prove25 only the Indian influence.

    Some of the seals are shown as illustration. How this type of Indian features should figure should be subjected to a separate study.