The Fall of Ossard (The Ossard Series Book 1)

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The Ossard series will soon be concluded with Ossard Rising book 4 out now and Lae Ossard book 5 releasing in early I racconti delle tenebre.

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  1. The Ossard Series (Books ) - Taber, Colin - Ebook in inglese - EPUB | IBS.
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    For Juvela is about to become forsaken, and that's before she learns the real truth of not just the crimes plaguing Ossard's bloody streets, but the wider world: A world at war, and governed by gods whose highest pleasure is to sup on the taste of death. Colin Taber lives in Australia, currently haunting the west coast city of Perth. He's done many things over the years, from working in banking, to retail, dish-pigging, publishing, landscape design, and even tree farming.

    All he really wants to do, though, is to get back to his oak grove and be left to write. Thankfully that day is coming. Back News Back Fandom Risingshadow. Back Recent Topics Search. Give rating.

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