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How about breakfast? If you say no to either, I'll call you a liar. Robert Heinlein, the writer who brought us Starship Troopers, uses both of these concepts liberally in his works of fiction. If those base desires aren't enough to satisfy the more erudite among you, then Heinlein was also the first named Grand Master of Science Fiction by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Heinlein has an engaging quality to his writing that demands attention, but personally, I enjoy his writing because he writes a good story and who doesn't love bisexual women who enjoy a good romp with multiple partners?

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress was published in about a moon colony rebelling against Earth's rule, and is considered one of the most important science fiction novels written for its detailed and realistic presentation for a future colonizing the moon. Set in , "loonies" populate the Moon -; criminals, exiles and their descendants much like Australia, come to think of it and there is twice the number of men compared to woman, so polyamorous relationships are not unusual. The Warden holds power, but is a toothless tiger in the rough and ready Lunar colony.

The Commonwealth. What do you get if you combine the genius and intelligence of Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert?

The literary equivalent of their lovechild: Peter Hamilton. Hamilton's novels combine the style and skill of literary greats with the fascinating space opera concepts of the science fiction grand masters. Hamilton builds a world where humans have colonized the galaxy through wormhole travel, meeting aliens and artifacts along the way.

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Humanity has colonized hundreds of planets across hundreds of light years. One of the few mysteries left is the "Dyson Pair", a barrier around the stars. An astronomer, Dudley Bose, undertakes the first observations of the Dyson Pair Enclosure, where two stars located approximately 1, light years from Earth and light years from the edge of Commonwealth space disappear between the Dyson spheres.

When the Second Chance arrives they explore an enclosure generator which is shut down and they encounter an aggressive alien species called the Primes who were warring over limited natural resources. The Primes capture Dudley Bose and discover the location of the Commonwealth.

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Will the aliens turn on the humans with their resources? You have to read the sequel to find out, as this is pretty much where this novel ends. The novels in the Commonwealth Saga all have beautiful vibrant worlds created by vivid imagery and filled with complex characters. The King of Cyberpunk, rates in tenth place on this list with Neuromancer, a satirical piece of cyberpunk science fiction, pissing all over multinational corporates and the negative effect MNCs and technology have on your normal, everyday person's life.

Neuromancer is the most important cyberpunk novel - the vibrant, complex imagery of contemporary technology set new standards for science fiction, and invaded cultural references with terms like Cyberspace and the Matrix borrowing from Gibson's Neuromancer. Aside from being cyberpunk royalty, Gibson has a sharp, discerning wit, and has been quoted with some of the most amusing lines to ever come from a writer: "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes. Neuromancer is the first novel in the Sprawl trilogy Count Zero, the second book, and Mona Lisa Overdrive, the final installment.

A suicidal, unemployable, drug addicted hacker, an "interface cowboy", called Case, is hired by a mysterious detective, Armitage, who offers a cure in exchange for his services as a hacker. Only problem is, Case doesn't know what the job is or who or what Armitage is. This novel packs a punch, with strong themes about corporate power, artificial intelligence, and what it means to be human. This novel got the trifecta of awards here winning the Hugo, the Nebula, and the Philip K Dick awards. Asimov is the God Father of all things science fiction and robotic, and no self-respecting top robot novel list would be worth reading without this book in prime position.

You know what else I love about I, Robot? Asimov got to decide the Laws of Robotics, just because. That's what happens when you're the first in something. You also get to create your own jargon, with Asimov credited as being the creator of the term "robotics". The writer of about books in his time, Asimov wrote this classic collection of nine science fiction short stories as the first in his Robot novel series. It deals with the relationships between human and robot, and the stories are interconnected as Dr.

Susan Calvin tells them to a report, our narrator, in the 21st century. These stories all revolve around the theme of humans, robots, and the morality surrounding their interactions. Several stories involve Dr, Calvin, the chief robopsychologist at U. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc.

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These laws have since set the standard for how robots are used in science fiction. Further cementing its popularity with the current generation, I, Robot, was adapted into a successful Hollywood blockbuster featuring Will Smith in Neal Stephenson creates a vividly terrifying Neo-Victorian world in his science fiction, cyberpunk novel.

A small girl receives the gift of "The Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" from her father, and the primer teaches her a range of subjects, from martial arts to computer programming, preparing her to be a hero. The primer is really a huge parallel computer where each page can intuitively change and arrange itself to tell a story it's computer artificial intelligence mixed with human acting. In a more meta reality, the primer is just a plot device, allowing Stephenson to focus on his fixation with nanotechnology and speed which we see in images like Ben racing through the city on skates at miles an hour , pushing the plot forward at a whip-fast pace, and with his usual splattering of social commentary.

And it's the social commentary that makes this book accessible to readers beyond your usual Stephenson fan-boys and hard science-fiction nerds. It makes the reader question their understanding of class, ethnicity, and social systems, and the way they treat people in socio-economic classes different to their own. The cool part of The Diamond Age? Nanotechnology affects every aspect of life, right down to each household owning a matter compiler to create any object with the proper program.

But I admit, the part that stayed with me the most was the section on the Drummers.

Is it just me, or did anyone else find this scene kind of weird? The other cool part is when our protagonist, Hacksworth, emerges like a horny Rip Van Winkle from his 10 year underground orgy, and his wife has divorced him. Hackworth was surprised. I wasn't. Contrary to popular belief, Canadians do know more about life other than snow, hockey, poutine, and being awfully polite. They've also managed to produce Thomas J. Ryan, the author of a hard science-fiction novel focusing on artificial intelligence, The Adolescence of P In this novel, Gregory Burgess is a lazy, lay about university student who has no real direction in life until he's introduced to your pretty cool s computer - the IBM System - mainframe and he starts studying computer science.

Greg becomes fascinated by game theory and using AI to crack systems. He cracks the university's mainframe and saves a portion of the memory to experiment with, nicknaming it "P-1", creating a program called "The System". The System essentially operates like a virus - following telecommunications links and infecting other computers.

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When the program doesn't operate in the way he intends it to work, he writes a program to shut it down. It stops responding to him, so he considers the experiment to be terminated, but in reality P-1 is learning, adapting and understands its own weaknesses. Three years later, Greg is working at a large firm in America and has all but forgotten P-1, until he gets a call from P-1 who is completely sentient and has taken over almost every computer in America.

P-1 becomes enmeshed in military affairs and in a final showdown, shows that computers are just as loyal as any human is capable of.

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Like all good artificial intelligence fiction, this novel questions what it is to be human. On the list of things I thought I'd never do is: a own a tamagotchi, and b recommend a novel about adults playing with adorable virtual pets.

Series with their own pages:

While I still maintain I will never own an outdated piece of 90s technology, this novel is one of the more unique artificial intelligence stories written in a modern age where everything has already been done and no science-fiction trope is new. Unsurprisingly, it has a huge following in Japan. The Lifecycle of Software Objects is a novel about how artificial online intelligence evolves in a 3D world called Data Earth, within the setting of a computer nerd's dream world: online startup companies, multi-player online gaming and open-source software. The software company creates virtual pets programmed to learn and evolve, but the reader's really watching sentient, artificial intelligence dressed up as cute bunny rabbits.

As is the case with the internet, the virtual sex industry gets a whiff of this online world and wants in - drawing parallels with semi-recent events with Second Life and other metaverse projects. The story follows the software creators for over a decade and watches their relationship as they deal with the problems in the software world and the intricacies involved in having a relationship with artificial intelligence. Chaing wrote this story as a response to how artificial intelligence has been portrayed over the years in science fiction, and his reaction against the idea of AI as loyal and obedient.

The novella won the Locus Award and the Hugo Award. If you are a literary snob, this book will not appeal to you, but if you are a science-fiction nerd who lists their interests as: artificial intelligence, neural networks and machine learning, you will love this book, and in particularly some of the dialogue that has been written with this audience in mind - it's not many novels where you have an artificially intelligent being saying, "All your bases belong to us".

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This is Hertling's second novel, and a sequel to Avogadro Corp. A brilliant high school student, Leon Tasrev is coerced by a member of the Russian mob incidentally, who is also his uncle into developing a new computer virus for the mob's bot-net - the computer army they use to commit their digital crimes.

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Leon's virus is more successful than he planned it on being, and every computer in the world becomes infected. Imagine our world with that virus - ATMs stop working, iPhones stop working, cash registers stop working, cars stop working - society ceases to function efficiently, resources crash, and humans die in the billions.